Cerri Camiceria is: dedication, quality, passion, tradition

Camiceria CERRI was born from the creativity and passion of Rossella Cerri. The garments you can find in our store are the perfect combination of experience, fine yarns, and Italian tailoring.
Camiceria CERRI offers a wide range of fine fabric shirts made of Egyptian yarns, that go from 80/2 to double twist 140/2.
Camiceria CERRI has dedicated its 30-year production to the search for extremely fine yarns. Attention and care towards the creation of high-quality products, and a tailored service are what CERRI has always provided its customers.
This way, we have the possibility to meet their various needs and requests: they can ask for a product that can perfectly fit their body shape; they can choose fabric, collar, wrists, buttons, and many other things.
They can have their monograms embroidered on a ready-made or tailored shirt in just five minutes.
Moreover, ready-made and custom-made shirts can be modified: sleeves or the bottom of the shirt can be shortened; pleats can be modified or removed; buttons can be replaced, and many other possibilities.
The entire collection of shirts is made in Italy and it is enriched with different handmade ties and other accessories like bow ties, cufflinks, clutches, braces, belts, and man socks.
CERRI line is completed by our men’s knitwear collection, with particular attention to the mono and double-breasted merino wool 19.5-micron waistcoats, and tailored trousers with 8 loops and slim fit lining,
all Made in Italy.